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Frankly,Glover is one of a Kind

By on June 17, 2015

IT’S been 40 years since Frank Glover first began serving the Quakers Hill Junior Soccer Club.

Now 75, the Quakers Hill resident puts younger community members to shame by still doing what he did all those years ago: marking the grounds, putting on the sprinklers and making sure everything is ready for the first kick off on chilly Saturday mornings.

For this, Glover is our nominee for the Service to Sport Award in our Junior Sports Stars competition, sponsored by Rebel. 7 News is our media partner.

Glover, a former president at the club, has seen many talented players start their careers at the QHJSC, none more than current Matildas star Kyah Simon.

“I got involved with the club when my eldest son David wanted to play soccer when he turned 10,” Glover recalled.

“I eventually took over the coaching of his team when the coach had to leave mid-way during the season and it just went on from there.

“I used to play soccer in the mid-50s when there were less rules and regulations and no ID cards were required for the junior grades.

“Our club has grown a lot during the time I have been there, from around nine teams in 1975 to more than 50.

“During the nineties, I think it was in 1991, we were the first in the competition to field more than 60 teams.”

He said Kyah Simon was a special talent when she started playing for their under-8s team.
“Kyah was among the fastest on the ground and pretty good,” Glover said. “She and her family are lovely people and we are very proud of what Kyah has achieved.”

Simon, when speaking to the Rouse Hill Times from the World Cup in Canada, praised Glover for his help when she was playing as a junior.

Glover’s second son Darren, 47, now plays for neighbouring Quakers Hill Tigers — “in those days we didn’t have senior teams” — while his daughter Debbie Moody looks after dogs with disabilities at her Windsor home.

Frank Glover, 75, is our nominee for the Service to Sport.

Glover, who retired from his job as electrical fitter in 1997, said he is grateful to his wife Ruby, for allowing him to get to the club and games.

“I think sometimes she is glad when I go for the games,” he smiled. “I don’t go to the matches as much as I used to but I still do the markings once a week.

“I will probably go on for another two years as I like to be there when the club celebrates its 50th anniversary.”

Frank Glover has been marking and looking after the grounds at Quakers Hill Park for four decades.Club president Bill Owen said Glover is a true football fan who is devoted to the club.

“Frank has been there for many years and remembers when our club field was a cow paddock,” Owen said. “I think he even remembers the names of the cows.

“He is a wonderful and lovely man who does a lot of work for the club and I wish I had his fitness.”

For the record, QHJSC was initially funded by the sale of a calf each year by the co-founder Wilf Macbeth.


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