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Players Responsibilities 2

Players are the heart and soul of every Soccer Club, and we want your association with QHJSC to be rewarding for you and your family. To ensure this, please make yourself familiar with your uniform requirements and our code of conduct below.

(For more details on our policies, please see our Club Regulations page.)


When playing official matches, all players must wear the following …

  • Club Shorts and Club Socks
  • Shin Pads (Must also be worn at training)
  • Soccer Boots
  • Shirt provided by the Club

A set of Club shirts is given to each team for use every weekend. Players must return the club shirt to their team manager or nominated person after each game.

No team shirts are to be worn home.

All shirts must be tucked into shorts and socks pulled up at the start of each official match.

Jewellery is not permitted to be worn during match games or at training. Jewellery is defined as any object worn by the player ( not part of the soccer kit) that may harm the player or other players participating in the game or training session. The coach/manager will request the offending item be removed or the player not participate in the session.

All players must be suitably attired to participate in training. Correct footwear, socks and shin-pads are required to be worn throughout training sessions. Failure to comply may result in the coach or manager preventing your participation in the session, for safety reasons.

The club Gear Shop has a variety of items that can be purchased throughout the season. See our Club Merchandise page.

Phones and MP3 Players

If a player has a mobile phone, it should be switched off or in silent mode during training sessions and on match day.

Players are not to use their phones during training or match day without the consent of the coach and manager. Just cause will need to be given at the time.

iPods/MP3 players and other music devices are not to be worn or used during training sessions. Once training commences these should be stored in your sports bag. (QHJSC take no responsibility in the event phones or iPods are lost or stolen from the ground and strongly recommends that they are not brought to the grounds).

Code of Conduct

Foul language, swearing, racial taunts, sexual harassment or harassment in general will not be tolerated in any form, whether directed at fellow team members, coaching staff, opposition teams or coaches, match officials or the general public.

Appropriate disciplinary action will be handed out by your coach or manager if you are found to be in breach. Further disciplinary action may be considered required and will be handled by the club’s P&D Committee.

All players should shake hands with the opposition players at the completion of match games. This should be extended to match day officials.

Good sportsmanship should be displayed at all times regardless of the outcome. All players, coaches and managers are required to participate in formal presentations after all tournaments such as finals. Players, Coaches and Managers should be humble in victory and gracious in defeat.

All players should arrive at the pitch, at least 30 minutes prior to the start of matches. If circumstances prevent this happening, players should contact the coach or manager.

All players unable to attend matches should give prior notice (at least 48 hours, if possible) to the coach or manager.

Temper tantrums directed at other players, coaches and managers will not be tolerated in any shape or form. Coaches and managers will discipline players accordingly or refer the matter to the P&D Committee.